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Look at the sky tonight

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Trident vs Sopranos
these guys are just farming money
Trident vs Sopranos
ahahaa betting sites have actually added this game, go bet all your money until you can
Trident vs Sopranos
it's just a matter of time when they get banned so I wouldn't be surprised if they go crazy this game
Trident vs Sopranos
there is no way they let them play the finals right?
GamerLegion vs Sopranos ahahahahaha I am literally dying right here, play it in 0.25x it was literally free money on GamerLegion -1.5, at least bets...
GamerLegion vs Sopranos
I wonder why Sopranos are cheating, I guess they just bet on themselves on certain rounds on or some certain bets and make quick cash. They know if they won against top tier teams people would suspect...
Best Pro IGN
DickStacy is literally the best one
ttc vs Nexus check thei...
ttc vs Nexus
ttc don't even play CS, they literally have 25 hours past 2 weeks on average, these guys are not practicing, I doubt they even go on DM If they manage to win like the last time against Case, they're ...
SKADE vs MAD Lions
put all your money on SKADE 2-1, literal free real estate
forZe vs Sprout
I had bet on forZe to win in regular time, I have no idea how I won it
forZe vs Sprout
round 18 Map 2 forZe vs Sprout Mirage is the biggest fix for today
Reece vs Let's Quit
Match deleted xddddd
Copenhagen Flames vs Anonymo
???? Copenhagen Flames will soon lose 0-16 against random mix on Mirage with 1.02 odds don't worry
Copenhagen Flames vs Anonymo why are they suddenly not tweeting?