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LDLC vs Sangal
You can come back to this after they get swept against GamerLegion tomorrow morning)))
LDLC vs Sangal
If this was being played in Shadow League or Fix sweet fix, LDLC would've won like 16-6, 16-7
degster > s1mple
broky? bymas? ropz?
degster > s1mple
i mean, he is playing in international team and destroying BIG as a stand-in is very impressive
degster > s1mple
he is just destroying BIG right now lol
BIG vs Sprout
13-10 - lost the easiest 2v5, lost the map, and hopefully whole series
BIG vs Sprout
BIG, we wanna see the strongest CT side ever, come on
BIG vs Sprout
BIG picked Vertigo, Sprout picked Dust 2. Easiest 2-0 of BIG's lives
NAVI Youth vs Gucci Squad
2-0 NAVI Youth, Gucci Squad is some random mix of noobs who will most likely just farm money
NAVI Youth vs Gucci Squad
use liquipedia, they play a lot of matches
BIG vs Rhein Neckar
Enjoy free +9.5 handicaps, all the h2h were very closely won by BIG or Rhein Neckar took it. Literally free money
NAVI Junior vs Sinners
Gospadarov is trying to be as good as Jame but he doesn't know that when the bomb is on other site, he needs to rotate
NAVI Junior vs Sinners
i don't understand how NaVi can get absolutely outatimed by beastik, but at least m0nesy has his crazy insane highlights from fpl
6-0, bet on +10.5 > 6-1, thought I have got myself free money but god said no E: got saved by 0.6 rating GOD kRYSTAL with 2 back-to-back clutches
Invictus Int vs VP.Prodigy
Interesting how awesome magically has technical issues in a 4v2 retake. Also, what a coincidence that it happens after Map 1 14-8 lead, now an insane comeback on Nuke. I don't remember the last time ...