Quer outra lindinho?

I forgot the password of my other account ATURAouSURTA kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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Rebirth vs New England Whalers
I can't wait to watch this great esea advanced derby!
Tell me something about your country
"One of the best things about russia is that we are not that strongly poisoned by all these leftie things (lgbt and other stuff). I mean its not that bad, but when you are 12 yo and you are like "Im A...
Why would you consider matches of 3+ years ago? Cruzeiro is a big team in a huge crisis They are very pressured to start winning some matches so they will tryhard 100%, but I wouldn't trust my money ...
mousesports vs ENCE
If mouse works on their CT side they will have the second best inferno of the scene (after Furia)
Astralis vs Heroic
Astralis isn't the same When they were good they would NEVER lose a 3v1 with the bomb dropped and the T far from the bomb 25s left
FURIA vs Rebirth
Free 1.005 odds
Any pros on HLTV?
music suggestions
matchbets for the day (not recommended)
Over 26 every map astralis heroic @1.90 Heroic +1.5 @1.73 Mouse -2.5 map 1 (probably Nuke) @2.05 Ence map 2 (probably train) @2.05
I tried Tinder
Im not joking, I searched this photo on google to see if it's really you and google said that the most appropriate word to describe the photo is "girl" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I tried Tinder
avara keraba* google it you should post a picture that you are smiling, with a better shirt and in the sun (if that's really you)
I tried Tinder
Hi avara keraba Post your pic here and i tell u
kids in puberty!
Drunk teens are so cringe
Earning money on the internet
😳😳 It's a secret 🤫
Earning money on the internet
Make a fake profile on instagram with pics of a very hot woman (but not too much or people will realize it is fake) Grow your acc and when pervs send you dm say that u send them a nude for 10$ they wi...