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monke yeet boi trying to make it big.
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-vertigo +cache +cbble
yoo -mirage -inferno +cobble +cache
Anyone else finding scrawny annoying?
Scrawny is there because he brings the energy. They are a great duo and go watch launders since he is rather big brain. (launders mb a bit quiet but still like him)...
:/ bruh
no not mad cuz col lost, jks is a joke pickup no cap + jugi :/
NiKo #1??????????? NiKo 0/8, only plays dm and gets very big ego --> toxic
mm is so bad..
Will NiKo ever be #1
riktig jävla nöthjärna asså
people on hltv are really retarded sometimes also delusional glaive bait for teammates very much so he is good for team stfu
if it is "for e-sports" then i should buy it, though razer better (probably). bought deathadder elite 2 yrs ago and it still works fine
Happy new 2021!
we've had one in mid june/july but i kinda feel like it wasnt that bad. now, with a fuck tons of homeparties and other shit, the virus will probably spread even more. Our school planned a ski weekend ...
Happy new 2021!
Happy new year! Uuh this has been da year for rising stars and more time for gaming so it aint dat bad. But for people with a high gauge of required social interaction has been affected. Not in Sweden...
well brollan is kinda experienced tbh, krimz AND golden + their coach will learn them a lot. I dont think you should worry about it and the players themselves should focus on getting better individual...
bymas? O_O
bruh lets -JW and -flusha, keep golden, krimz and brollan and take in svedjehed and jackinho idk about swedish awpers except for naawk