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Syman vs Tikitakan
i have no idea i think theres something messing up here i thought spinx and flamez were gone idk anymore my brain hurts
Syman vs Tikitakan
what happened to all the other tiki players like spinx flamez etc?
Syman vs Tikitakan
you are confused, you link dust, overpass, nuke xD I'm talking about mirage bro... MIRAGE ct map so you choose ct start its simple.. go check any game from any team from any country from anywhere the...
Syman vs Tikitakan
No this is normal pick bro, everyone will choose ct as mirage is considered a ct sided map, this isnt just in pro tournys, its in faceit too, you should go play some games before typing here bro
Syman vs Tikitakan
all teams choose ct start haha first time on cs? :D
Gambit Youngsters vs NAVI Junior
gambit yng never won against navi jr
Americans afraid of German/Russian alliance
You already tried that once, and we won both times, maybe third times a charm?
Best way to stop is to start decreasing the amount of money you are gambling, I'd recommend take a %% on your salary and use that strictly for gambling, set aside the rest for bills, food, clothes etc...
Germans come here
ez uk #2
CR4ZY vs Tikitakan
they are going to need one hell of a good sleep to beat spinx, all in tiki
Tikitakan vs Gambit Youngsters
I mean 3x odds for tiki to win again mb
Tikitakan vs Gambit Youngsters
I won 3x odds on illuminar, I won 3x odds on Attax and I will take my 3x odds on gy :) glhf
jermans come
oh wow you are so considerate thank you for not ending my life after that one x
jermans come
no it means we have been educated unlike the rest of you animals x
jermans come
At least we aren't degenerates