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woxic's statement
Top10 players Right now
they should've disbanded when stewie left tbh
Elon Musk
Lol good luck trying to to shut down every mining facility in china. And shutting down 60% won't do much since other facilities will just pop up in other parts of the world. When you turn off 60% the ...
Elon Musk
Well it might be stupid for you. But for many around the world using bitcoin as a store of value it is useful. And since people are using bitcoin, that means there will also be a market for bitcoin mi...
Bitcoin has been full ASIC mining since like 2014. Also i saw in an article that nvidia was trying to prohibit GPU miners from mining at all with their cards. Supposedly the rtx3060 would limit hash r...
Elon Musk
Bitcoin still produces less co2 than you think https://twitter.com/C_Bendiksen/status/1068221424777814016 According to this research bitcoin is already powered by 78% renewables. Even if you want to s...
Elon Musk
sounds you like have pronouns in bio
maybe. but he made way more money in valorant anyways. I think he would still be making more in valorant than being on any top team in csgo.
Elon Musk
Because he is a memer while also being the CEO of one of the largest public companies. gates and zuckerberg are weird af, just be glad we have elon
Elon Musk
based and redpilled
Elon Musk
it's not about electric cars, it's about self driving. Tesla is more about being a technology company. also the current financial system uses a lot more Kwh than bitcoin does. Just think about every p...
EG 5th
wrath is the future