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Hmmm I'm getting 2016 election flashbacks
despise for big city people
You have education of a snail if you’re making such threads, you should grow up. Done talking here.
despise for big city people
No point in arguing with someone who has their opinion stuck up in their ass, next thing you're going to say is that all black people are criminals. Keep living in a village, with no money, no educati...
despise for big city people
You sound like you're twelve with no world experience.
Germany come here
I was living in East and West, I would personally prefer East, people are less fake here and more friendly and more straight to you about things. Maybe I got lucky with my neighbours. coworkers and fi...
new computer r8!
I was in the same boat as you but I paid a little more and went for 2070 super, no regrets
new computer r8!
decent but not a fan of amd GPU, you're not getting nvidia new features and drivers are bad
Your dream car ?
Audi v10 I could afford that car in like 3 years but I don't want to waste so much money on a car
Why would you care ? Imagine using twitter
What is this garbage ? Throw it away, it's not usable
I sold my old Subaru outback and bought a motorcycle, yamaha r6 to be precise, no regrets.
swedish come here
It's not that bad I don't know why people overreacting, soy boy generation I guess
cs 1.6
cs go aiming is easier that's for sure but 1.6 is more rewarding if you're really good
300$ KNIFE
Then why the fuck do you need a knife ? If you want to flex in front of others kids like you young people usually do then buy something real, a nice jacket or something
300$ KNIFE
Why buy knife for 300 when you could buy decent ray bans sunglasses and go to the bar ?