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jdm will rejoin liquid and carry NA to glory
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Wow! I guess K23 just needed to get rid of mou and AdreN to start winning something. I liked the old gambit lineup, but frankly K23 would never be more than tier 3 with them. Not to say they're good y...
NKT vs Checkmate
I can't help but feel like if NKT beat these guys, they'll just end up losing to Vici and Tyloo I feel like they're stuck right now in this Asia's #3 team where they are finally good enough to beat ev...
Vitality vs Dignitas
I am such a huge fan of Vitality XD I hope they win 16-0 even
p250 worst pistol ever
very satisfying to weird as a T on pistol round. one little "bap" and you take out the CT.
k23 -adren - mou
+1 I get what the OP is saying but they gotta think through a 5th lol
Good luck to NKT, good to see they finally got their act together
If you found a wallet
I would be really ashamed to steal any amount of money from a friend, this is barely worth asking. Even if it were a stranger's wallet, I mean, it's not like 980 euros is a lot of money.
Lyngby Vikings vs K23
+1 let's go K23!! dab on the haters
Liquid secure ESL Pro League playoff spot
TeamOne? More like TeamLost XD
about faze
faze just go to show.. you can't buy team chemistry
ALEX: "mezii is an IGL's dream; he's an overall amazing player to glue a team"
alex is going to dab on all the haters. people think he rode zywoo's coattails or something, but he's really a decent IGL
jackinho shhhhhshing all the haters
dab on the haters jackinho! future top 20 for sure
alex is terrible
alex poop on them, dab on the haters