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Who is not in top 20
Yeah yeah. Everybody wainting 3 furia player yes yes.
HLTV ranking Explanation attempt
If they made top1 in hltv it doesnt matter for hltv top20 right? Or they won a tournament in eu it doesnt matter for hltv.
Ez win for big. Xantares will have 70 kill or more.
electronic and xantares didnt make it into hltv list
Cry. You say shit but furia players never play against top5 and they dont have rating but theyre in top20 how is it possible?
why Krimz > Xantares 2020 ?
Really furia never play big tournament bro cmon.
why Krimz > Xantares 2020 ?
Really more absurd hahahah. Dude 3 furia player in top20 how can be possible? Sorry if xanti make top10 its not absurd.
xantares top10 confirmed
Really?? Furia players never play against top5 team and theyre im top20 how is it possible explain?
xantares top10 confirmed
Explain why?
Hahahahahahah furia is a trash team this year. They just play against na team and they improve their stats. Furia players dont deserve top20 this year.
I hope but this list is a trash. Why furia has 3 player in top20??? Furia doesnt even close top10 team in world.
Top 11
Dude hltv top20 is trash. Furia has 3 player in top20 but vitalty has 1 hahahahahahahahahahah
#12 Remaining!
Youre right but why na players are in top20??? They never match against top10 team.
best players in Turkey
Dude last year imorr is also good and yes i agree with your list.
Is w0xic's career over?
Only woxic knows what happens to him. I think he will back but who knows