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brother, I know it is an old thread, and I also thought like that in 2019. However, who would know that everything will be like this. Online just ruined everything
hahaha, even "tier 1" team used coach bug in online games, what are you talking about. Dupreeh also as good as Magisk and this year device is not good to be in top 5.
IGL Tier List
clear, thank you
Natus Vincere vs OG
yes, I watched it. I liked their game in mirage
IGL Tier List
This list is so stupid, I do not get anything from the list. Firstly I am wondering in what time range did you consider for this list. If it is 2020 it is so foolish, even if it is not 2020 it is so f...
Natus Vincere vs OG
Right now Og is in better shape than Navi as a team and it is obvious. I do not care about odds I am telling what I have seen in comments or posts where people think that right now Og is so strong. Af...
-broky +FalleN
The guy who is offering this idea has not brain or never watched cs since 2018. Broky has a lot of potential, he is a hybrid player and he is the one who always saves team. If you switch Fallen with h...
KEKW, everyone almost included 2019's top 20 players to their list. This fu*king online series changed everything. You will not see many players from TL, Astralis and Navi in top 20 this year. It will...
-broky +FalleN
I have a lot of things to tell about this idea, but I do not see any smart person here to debate. Everyone is trolling.
NaVi vs OG
I do not think Navi is a better team than Og, but they will probably win this match with individual sills. someone pls explain 0/8 meme
Natus Vincere vs OG
Although most people think that Og will get this match easily, I think Navi has more chance to win. Probably will go to 3rd map. EZ4ENCE
Evil Geniuses vs OG
what is the role of NBK? If he is not support player, then his stats is not good.
Vitality vs Complexity
It will be so much fun to watch this game. Waiting for G2(with Niko) vs Col match, the real kings of 2021 cs.
Natus Vincere vs NiP
If s1mple cannot perform well, it means Navi is in real trouble. Also, we should consider the fact that NIP is in good shape in recent matches.
Evil Geniuses vs OG
It will be so interesting match, first-time EU vs NA playing after a while. Statistically, EG is a better team, but OG is tactically so strong right now.