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BIG vs Extra Salt
BIG #12 in world rank even though they lose versus Havu, Renegades and possibly Extra Salt...joke xD
tier 4 team is bad, omg so surprising, omg no way so bad losing to tier 3 teams omg...smh
Florentino Pérez is gonna give an interview
oh, i didn't know that. ty, soramens
Florentino Pérez is gonna give an interview
"or whatever the english word for it is" i think the word is they are "selling out"
Florentino Pérez is gonna give an interview
tbf, the big teams need money and the ESL will give them that, the small teams will keep getting their small cut as always from the local leagues and europa league. By the way, uefa and fifa don't lov...
Florentino Pérez is gonna give an interview
you know, it is a group of people that are trying to push the SuperLeague, not just Perez. He was named ESL president cuz he's probably the most succesful club president in europe so it's logical
Buying games
paying full price to be a beta tester when u could buy it cheaper a few months later when it's fully patched and fixed....hong kong iq xaxaxaxaxa:
i guess ur names
that's my last name :0 HOW??
i guess ur names
:0 that's my 2nd name mens, how??
i guess ur names
i guess ur names
ez mode: starts with F vs forZe
nt, forze fanboy vs forZe
vp match winner 1.77? free money. ty bookmakers
Fake outrage about the new football league
+1 totally forgot about that...i think UEFA will give in and stop the new champions league and the big teams will not start the super league. we'll see mens
Funspark come here
CN production