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Brasil is the best country in the entire world, we must respect the smartest humans also known as "Brasilians", while I plead that we must adore the gigachad warrior race known as the "Albanians", they must been appreciated due to their alphaness.

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bad bait
ok silly liberal
So? doesn't change that I'm right, G2 will of course lose to Gambit no shame in that they're the #1 team in the world (#1 CIS team as well) but you'll probably be fuming when NAVI get destroyed by Her...
I think you need help... also Heroic will obliterate NAVI later today so yeah...
They won't, they've finally got some confidence and used to new roles, It'll be funny next Monday when G2 are #5 while there are no Swedish teams in the top 10! (maybe fnatic won't even be in the top ...
That's so funny lol, NiP will disappoint just like FaZe Clan, then new NiP fans will hide their flairs.
maybe, they're actually looking very solid on it somehow after being absolute garbage on it, but now of course it's getting removed, great timing! Magyarorszag
Yes, G2 will, thanks for your support! #G2ARMEDFORCES
BLAST because the Spring Final has a bigger prize pool for winning and money is good, anyways that doesn't matter because Gambit won't give away 12-4 and 12-6 leads anymore.
G2's firepower is insane? Nah, Gambit's firepower is insane as well, Ax1Le, Hobbit and sh1ro have been playing great and they're all top 6 players this year statistically and nafany has had very impac...
Gambit already showed Heroic who's king in BLAST, stop living in denial, Gambit aren't going to choke 2 big leads again :D
go go navi rangers
Lol, that's never going to happen, I see you're a salty Astralis fan because they are not even top 1 in Denmark anymore.
Heroic vs navi
NAVI T side is looking strong now but Heroic are just s1mply better, prepare for another Gambit vs Heroic final.
Navi T side
NAVI will win, Brasilians and Russians will have a worst fanbase clash on Twitter but then NAVI will lose to Heroic tomorrow gg s1mple 80 kills
s1mple's nuke
FURIA just got a double zeus on navi and s1mple knifed arT in the same round lol