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Operation Incomming!!!
Your country in finnish
It's taking longer than expected but 99.99% he gets unbanned. No pro is ever gonna get banned unless you can 100% find and proof that they have word.exe on their pc
2 weeks vaccine!!
They do help for stress, even more so when you are addicted. Until you get cancer, that's probably more stressful.
2 weeks vaccine!!
No, it'll have fully cleared out after a few days but technically there could still be severe long-term side effects that show up way later. It's extremely unlikely but a possibility nonetheless and u...
2 weeks vaccine!!
The influenza vaccine is updated every year because of the rapidly mutating nature of the virus, not because the vaccine becomes ineffective. It's just that the previous vaccine often isn't effective ...
Is smurfing the biggest problem in CS:GO right now?
Sadly, I must agree
niko sensitivity
320 eDpi wtf michu I used to play on 400 for a bit and had to change it because my arm felt like shit, I would knock anything in even the general vicinity of my table over when trying to flick and it...
Ur sens?
16000dpi 0.045 I paid for a 16k dpi mouse, I'm gonna use 16k dpi
Is vaping bad?
I used to smoke and switched to vaping. I feel much better in regards of health. However switching to vaping made me realize how much healthier I can be so I am gonna quit vaping too. It's much bette...
144hz worth or not
Worth it. Won't make you a god automatically but everything feels smoother. I have a secondary 60hz monitor next to my main and you can clearly notice the difference