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Next CS when?
That's pretty much what people have been saying for half a decade at this point. I won't even get exited for any leaks or files they find somewhere while datamining, I'll believe it when I see it
syrsoN better than sh1ro
Was true for about 10 weeks in 2020 but he never found that form again. Since then he's mostly been mediocre, even if he can theoretically reach a level where he is comparable there just is no discuss...
Blast World Finals
Organizing a big arena, setting everything up within 2 weeks, setups, travel, accomodations and tickets sales in 2 weeks? Absolute nightmare. If it's not announced in a few days it's not happening
would you die for your country
Wouldn't die to protect the interests of oil companies in the middle east but when it comes to invasion I would ofc join the armed forces to protect my family
F0rest to NIP
I love F0rest and I'm impressed he is still kicking like this at his age but I doubt it would be enough for T1. Even if the others could shoulder his weight it would be a constant thorn in everyones s...
Am I hardstuck lvl 3?
For your mechanical skills to stay sharp and improve you need to do more. Some bots and then a little bit of deathmatch would be the minimum. To improve gamesense quicker you can review your demos on ...
Am I hardstuck lvl 3?
How much do you practice outside of just playing?
Faceit FBI index
1014, always seems to be around that
career ending moves
Also that most of the CIS teams he would wanna play for are mostly set. I just can't see any of the higher level teams looking at flamie rn like "Yeah this guy will make us a lot better". He just hasn...
It looked like he was slightly to the left when he fired the first shot. The second one looked good but maybe some inaccuracy from firing before