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rate my top 20
It is possible that NiKo ends up at 3 and Zywoo falls to 4. Accomplishments mean a lot. B1t will be higher, side by side with Elec Hobbit above Ax1le Ax1le out of top 10, replaced by ??? Device at 11...
rate my top 20
Lan will be weighed probably 10x more heavily than online and the kid has a 1.28 or some shit. Also, he won a major...with a 1.27 rating. And a grand slam.
New games
You know how old people say "back when I was young" and then go on to complain about everything happening now? You are doing that...but with videogames... and probably as a young person. Everything ...
???? m8 if they don't comm well in their native language, swapping to English isn't going to fix the issue. You are getting MAYBE slightly better players and basically ensuring a year of bad comms/g...
With English comms? A massive downgrade.
Good they are making changes, yes. Is it good that those changes might include washed dupreeh and peak slump magisk? Probably not.
Astralis 2-1 navi
Would be pretty fun to see new astralis win, but I doubt it. Navi insane skill level and synergy. Then again Astralis have a honeymoon buff and home crowd advantage, so anything is possible.
Top Teams in 2022
1) Navi 2) Astralis 3) G2 All others will be fighting for scraps tbh. NiP? Getting carried by igl 1/2 the time and now language issues. Vitality? Idk why people think adding 2 washed players and al...
Valorant dev joins the CS:GO team
Cant wait for smokes to be made of unicorn farts.
Why so mad
Valorant dev joins the CS:GO team
Cant wait to throw a ball of anime kittens down banana.
M0nesy to g2 truth
B1t was an absolute monster who had a great mentality for high level competition, which doesn't appear to be the case with m0nesy. He was also integrated slowly into a stable and steady system during ...
M0nesy to g2 truth
He seems like one of those people who gets nervous super easily. Has potential for sure in a long term project, but the majority of academy signings haven't worked out for a reason. He destroys in a...
Fnatic Ceiling
Don't see them beating any team in top 10. Mezii playing out of his mind though.