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coldzera, fer and zews together? Case Esports rumors
Will be a tier 3 team if they're really planning to complete the lineup with f4stzin and yepz
Brazil vs Awp
they = Alpha_Brazilian
Online cs or no cs?
Online CS is ok as long we don't have tier 1 teams playing every week, it all feel the same and starts to get boring.
Coldzera downfall
Probably motivation. In the SK core, he was playing with his friends, in FaZe, the players were just his teammates, no chemistry outside the server.
ZywOo ranking 2021
If all the next tier 1 events are LAN and Major happens it will weigh more than most online events so far, he still can close the gap.
GG Mouz
that's all we got for the next 30 days
ESL Pro League S14 on LAN or ONline ??
yeah, some of the players got the j&j shot. if most of them did shouldn't be a problem because most of the teams at cologne will also play in the ESL Pro League. Info is confirmed #33 btw
ESL Pro League S14 on LAN or ONline ??
ESL Pro League S14 on LAN or ONline ??
The IEM Cologne Playoffs were supposed to happen in a stage there but they recently changed their travel restrictions and now only vaccinated people are allowed to enter.
wisdom teeth
i got all 4 but only had to remove 2 when i was 21. First one i had to deal with bleeding for 2 days after surgery, didn't hurt though. The second (same side) i didn't feel anything.
how you study
pretty much it
how you study
25 min study and 5 min break sessions until i finish everything.