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Maybe now people will stop complaining about tier 2/3 mvps
esl rankings are a joke
Shox could join a team with 4 silvers and it would be a Top 10 team because he has more points than Faze https://pro.eslgaming.com/worldranking/csgo/team/47/
Female cs scene
I may watch the LAN finals, but i don't plan to follow the scene.
Brazil last dance
Most of us know this, although some people are really deluded to believe that this team can still be competitive. But it's probably the last time we will see Fallen, Fer and FNX playing professional C...
brazil explain cold pls
There would be a clash of roles between him and KSCERATO on Furia. 00Nation is rebuilding the team around him and it's going to be based in Europe. So far i like the names they're signing, very promis...
0 Swedish players in top20
The low amount of maps played at big events is already a debuff in his rank considering his stats. Also you named Frozen yet he only had 2 more maps played with Mouz, who couldn't make the playoff in ...
VINI rip? don't make me laugh
Fallen (2) - 2016 Glaive (8) - 2018 BlameF (6) - 2020
Top 20 players of 2021: device (11)
No bold prediction?
Who will miss top 20?
either frozen or blamef
Lans > Online. FURIA missed the Blast lans and IEM Winter.
blameF > Kscerato, how?
FURIA is not a Blast partner, they attended 2/8 events which lead him to miss a good amount of top tier events. To make matters worse, they failed to qualify to IEM Winter losing to GODSENT.
Furia espectators come
4 years together, 0 tier 1 achievements. A change had to be made in the core, Saffee alone won't make them a top tier team.