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Astralis PR moves
Maybe because he didnt had a good IGL + coatch duo to use him at his max potential. Is not like the scouts are being paid just to watch their stats on HLTV and im pretty sure u never watched a single ...
AWP IS OP! (not a bait thread)
AK is op (not a bait comment) -you can 1 tap in head if you have some aim capacity -you can miss 29 times if the enemy is blind -is too accurate if you stand still -you dont need to reload if you go p...
Astralis PR moves
And another thing that you see a lot on hltv forums is considering everyone who doesent play in the top 20 teams a shit, i can understand the lack of experience but i dont think a big org like astrali...
JW to gorillaz
Fnatic most likely wants to get rid of JW so the sellout is not gonna be that big
JW to gorillaz
That is also true but they could take it at least for a little ammount of time just to grow the gorillaz community. Anyway those are just my toughts
JW to gorillaz
Actually tey could take JW for the popularity, having him in the team will attract a lot of sweds (at least to give a look at this team) and everyone knows that more views = more sponsor = more money
JW to gorillaz
Maybe that is extra motivation to improve and get back among the t1 teams
JW to gorillaz
He could still be the AWPer, I really believe that with a little bit of motivation ( like getting in a new team) JW can reach at least a part of what he wass before
flamie next team
He could actually join the new navi valorant team
most surprising roster move ever?
my bad sorry
most surprising roster move ever?
-Olof +Olof -Olof +Olof -Olof +Olof -Olof +Olof -Olof +Olof -Olof +Olof fixed
I guess your name
toilet_cleaner_numba1 skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and HLTV.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the HLTV deficit ...and this can...
nt Faze
true but i would have liked to see more from faze's ot than just smoking monster for 2 min and having no map control at all