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Sprout vs HAVU
Man.. gz for this comment THE BEST comment I EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!
Apeks vs Wisla Krakow
wtf man? Wisla win ct side 11x4 and finish the game 16x13.. are u drunk?
Heroic vs VOYVODA
heroic is the worst team i ver seen
OG vs Nordavind
whos gonna play in og? 5 player?
Anonymo vs SAW
Man.. anonymos using something.. he know where all saw players stay.. Snax cheater.
Anonymo vs SAW
idk.. in my vison Snax team know where everyone stay.. all times crosshair stay in the right place.. o.O
Anonymo vs SAW
explain to me
Overpass da SAW é muito ruim?
GODSENT vs Sinners
No... Sinners is very inconsistent.. lose to weak teamns and win good teams.. Sinners can win Winstrike/Godsent but lose to Invictus/Lilmix
GODSENT vs Sinners
The problem is.. odds 2.42 in SINNNERS.. Sinners play like a god some games and like a bot another games... i cant trust in Sinners
Endpoint vs Trident
The problem is.. Odds 2x0 for endpoin 1.70..5 minuts before the game start 1.30... Why this moviment? no make sense... maybe Trident bet in Endpoint
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
no... when stay 13 gambit 12 navi, Navi enter in bomb A 4x3 and lose the round.. round 15x12 Navi enter in bomb A 4x3 again and lose the round... Simple bot
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
Navi is ridiculous.. 5 trash players vs FURIA
This game is Hard.. i love Furia Vp is unreliable team.. play very bad vs Navi and nip.. but play very well vs nip(2 game) and Vitality.. and furia lose to Navi and play very well vs Faze... idk i...
I said that yesterday... Csgo is a Joke... Nip won Vp, astralis, big and lose to Furia.. Navi won Astralis and everyone and lose to Vp.. cs:go- random