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SWS vs Bravos
Man.. u are fucking dumbass U bet on tier 4 event and say '' matchfix''? wtf.
DETONA vs Black Dragons
Man Detona team has been together for a month .. and Bd is not a worse team than Detona So..
DETONA vs Black Dragons
Man., u stay betting in TIER 3 BR and it's matchfix? u are a fucking addicted Bet in tier 3 cs and cry... addicted addicted addicted
MIBR vs Havan Liberty
But this event stay in Bet365.. and have live games.. u are a fucking dumbass
CSGO: FIFA ratings
SK 2017
INTZ vs Bravos
Man.. why? It's tier 2 Br.. bet in this game is the same thing bet on Entropiq, Forze and another Eu/cis team tier 2.. Bravos is a good team.
SAW vs Movistar Riders
Wtf this odds joke? 2.25 to Movi? Movi IS a better team Wtf
Renegades vs OG
Thks friend
Renegades vs OG
Hey.. How english ppl say “bet sites”? Book?
Evil Geniuses vs ViCi
why? rigth odds in your opnion?
O PLANO vs Extra Salt
ok.. i agree with u.. when u see O plano players u think '' omfg its impossible this guys lose to extra''.. but when u see o plano play is very sad.. In my opnion Plano has better individual players,...
O PLANO vs Extra Salt
50/50? are u kidding me? Look how O plano playing.. o plano have good players.. but play with ass.. wtf.
Party Astronauts vs O PLANO
No man.. o just tell Whats happ on Pinnacle.. I just tell what happ.
Party Astronauts vs O PLANO
U are russian man… u are a poor rusian
Party Astronauts vs O PLANO
Party cheating Plano odds map 1 5 min game start 1.25 Plano win pistol and odds go to 1.80.. no sense.