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As I said in previous threads too great in aim but bot in game sense
Astralis vs Vitality
EZ for the best team in the world. Astralis
Navi is back boyysssss
Ezz win for navi from now on
Natus Vincere vs Espada
Navi is getting some warm up for play offs
Rant on navi
Let's hope for the best in blast
Natus Vincere vs Espada
Thank you. Atleast some hope :D
Rant on navi
It's fine bro..loss is a loss. Hope they give good performance tomorrow. I don't want to point out any excuses for the loss.
Rant on navi
They have to play like they are playing against tier 1 European side then they will win but they feel uninterested in playing against cis teams lol
Natus Vincere vs Espada
Is it? Can you share the link of the rules or please eloborate it?
Rant on navi
Not sure about that and seeing Navi play this tournament it's highly unlikely they will win first of all lol. Feeling sad
Rant on navi
They are already qualified for playoffs. I mean espada.
Reason to unite cis and eu quals
It's not they can't play. They don't even prepare against cis teams . Always careless. Time for someone to make them realize how each tournament is important
Why NaVi
They have to defeat espada by huge margin to have a chance just look at RD. Highly unlikely
Why NaVi
To be frank I don't see any interest in any players for this tournament. Please quit. Anyway they are out of this tournament
Everyone knows who is the best. Just to satisfy their desire of posting something in hltv forums they do these kind of funny threads Achievement - Device Skill wise - S1mple