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GODSENT vs North
10/10 name vs forZe
Should be pretty close but VP looking on fire recently so they should win.
Evil Geniuses vs OG
Head to head OG has won the last 2 matches against them. Thats what I meant
Gambit vs HellRaisers
32-15 for gambit is my prediction hellraisers is ok with this roster but not as good as they were for 2015-2018 vs forZe
VP should win but Forze is a good team so they could lose, doesn't matter though they get playoff spot either way.
Evil Geniuses vs OG
OG historically win but EG should be better team on paper, so likely will be a interesting match. Could go either way
Astralis vs GODSENT
Obviously Astralis should win but I hope that Godsent can make it close or at least take a map or force some OT's.
s1mple next year
I think he will get worse but he will still be a solid player even if he is not the crazy god he was in 2018 and 2019...
ZywOo vs s1mple stats comprasion in 2020
Electronic is only currently good player besides simple... Flamie and perfecto are Negative in 2020 and boombl4 is 1.0 and sucks at midround calls (and igling in general imh)
most handsome pros
Dude boobl4 actually a really good singer wtf
FURIA vs Liquid
after today i dont even know... furia could win 2-0 or look like jokes and lose 2-0
The fact you think that you have a better understanding of the team then the IGL of blameF in that twitch clip shows how stupid you are...
FURIA vs New England Whalers
Furia losing to t3 NA team kkkkk....
karrigan reviews
Karrigod too nice
Liquid vs RBG
If Liquid drop even 1 map they are throwing