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Best fragging IGL ?
1. BlameF 2. Jame 3. FalleN 4. Hampus 5. Nafany 6. Cadian 7. arT 8. Boombl4
G2 a very unlucky team
So they lost because they were worse than the other teams? no way!!! tell me more
Biggest Major Fluke
gambit is bigger fluke than C9 because c9 was atleast top5 when they went into the major so 1.gambit 2.c9 3.fnatic at dreamhack 2013 (nip were way better at the time)
brehze, oBo and cerq price?
cerq is literally the biggest reason they are losing a ton right now due to how much he is under-preforming for an awper, but brehze and oBo both are good aimers so I think they would be able to still...
NA cs
this is literally advanced, not even premier so the matches might as well be random, it basically just depends who is having a better day at this low a level
HLTV Top 100
Bump because this is cool;
why do all pros still use Intel?
Most pro's use whatever PC their org gives them, and most orgs are sponsored by intel
EG is not NA
Arteezy is from Canada, but yes team is like coL in CSGO, but atleast it has one NA player so everyone will cheer for them though (and the coach is american)
I just didnt think liquid would get beat so fast in the game of who chokes harder since they normally are the kings
It was a joke from the first guy, saying that he will be better when LAN starts
It means they are better on LAN than online, kennyS is a amazing LAN player but not the best online for example
ROPZ = $1.2M Buyout
Normally stuff is good price, but there is a silicon shortage right now so if you look at prices of PC parts they are mostly shit rn
ROPZ = $1.2M Buyout
The only way CS can grow in NA is people getting PC's and with the chip shortage making everything super expensive we are fucked even if it somehow became the norm to play PC (currently is the norm to...
ROPZ = $1.2M Buyout
Problem is nobody who is younger plays CS, we get no new NA players, like how many NA talents is there that are not already on EG or Liquid.... ZERO EDIT: there is RUSH on coL too
ROPZ = $1.2M Buyout
NA scene been doing better since those cash cups started, but sadly no new talents just the same 24 year olds that have been in MDL since 2013