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Your Favourite AK skin
Yeah, ak sticker placements are the best. Redline, Vulcan are some other awesome sticker ak’s
Your Favourite AK skin
I like fuel injector with NAVI stickers, fits really well.
Create a team
Where indeed will ScreaM's brother go? maybe DBL poney? is he still under contract?
how to invest my money
major is not for some time, we will figure it out by then I hope. Right now, NAVI is not in a great spot.
how to invest my money
invest it against NAVI, they can't win anything nowadays its free money
Flusha IGL of Gorillaz
I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad I got sunshine in a bag I'm useless but not for long The future is coming on
Yes mens)) I think that's what I'll do. Just wanted to see if it was actually an ez fix that was a little lesser known.
they told me to hit it with hammer to fix fretboard... Im worried
Steam Community Market
I am happy for what Gaben give to us but I wish he would provide more for his fans
Most underrated Grand Finals
Most underrated Grand Finals
I agree honestly. It was fun as a navi fan to watch such a destruction but G2 didn't really put up much of a fight besides on Dust. Objectively it wasn't that exciting because it just seemed hopeless ...
Always great to see old legends still performing at a high level, especially f0rest. How could you not love f0rest? If CS had one "dad", it'd be f0rest.
Why is he playing?? Stand in I'm guessing? Either way, awesome to see him back! :D