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Users i respect: (best bay area player) (rip but not really) (rip but not really) (rip was an inspiration) (rip) (retired?) (legend) (legend) (2nd Best leftist on hltv) (2nd most polite user on hltv) (best chinese user) (rip LEGEND)


G2 fucking brain damage atleast kenny does something important kills
Hunter aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

who are u 3 level faceit guy? woxic has trophies u cant even see in real
March 16 2021

This guys is cheating obviously, who the heck would push lobby with awp at 1 vs 1 and looking directly at hallzerk. I knew all CIS teams cheat somehow, but this is too much

Oh boy fucking slave :D
Though Nicolai the letherman but a dungeon master) Helped Emilia - stick finger her ass Dows) And she said that she will do any his suction.
Nicolai thought and said: "Listen fucking slave roll a dungeon, make a latex glove, i want a fisting. Emilia was shocked :0

The boy was correct) Suction in any moment cum. But fisting ass till you done - unforgettable experience :)

jonothan e made me delete all my other copypastas mens(
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