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what's overly strict here? i curse, i make fun of others, others make fun of me, i've discussed about LGBTQ movement, BLM, politics, sports, religon, laws, even criticized HLTV a few times and I was n...
come here
you hand to do a handjob for your friend for the sake of friendship? tru hero
Does it make sense to simplify the grammar of the language?
If your speech pattern and informal way of speaking are too far away from the correct grammar than it should be simplified (like we did with PT a few years ago - it was more of a unification rather th...
for 240hz i suggest you upgrade gpu too. this setup might work for what you want, but seems to me that it will be pretty close to the 'limit', so any variation might make your fps run under 240 and th...
Caffeine addiction
this might not come from addiction, caffeine and others help with headache from migraines.. that's most likely the reason. caffeine abstinence should also trigger shakiness and a bit of anxiety, alon...
might create a bit of bottle neck on some games, but should run cs pretty smoothly unless you play everything on high and also use high res
stop crying, this isn't your personal outlet for being the uneducated primitive schmuck you desire to be without consequences.
a usual or an usual
i fucked up, kept searching and mixed the sources - the ones that actually defended what I said are not the reliable ones. I asked a friend (teacher) and he confirmed what you said, altough he also st...
a usual or an usual
Btw, i'm looking this up online and it seems to not be a clear consensus.. some pretty reliable sources defends what I said previously: "when writing or speaking formally, the rule states that before ...
a usual or an usual
well that's because i never considered it to be about phonetics, but writing..
a usual or an usual
This would also be true to say that "I study in A university" or "x is a movie of A universe of..."? this fucks me up, never thought the 'vowel' on the first letter considered for this rule should be...
a usual or an usual
Wtf, even americans are debating? I think the rule is quite clear - when writing or speaking formally, the rule states that before vowel-started words should be AN and not A - but, on coloquial form...
Expected from Brazil
Oh noooo, anyway..
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