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for example, one time i wrote volvo instead of valve and there was a sentence in caps lock
he said it was deleted because

"Willing mistyping may be fun in your eyes though is not a welcome behaviour.

Regarding capital letters, It is called netiquette. You may want to look it up.

SpainJonathan E."

Jonty is no regular boy. He's a fucking man. He has the poise and eloquence of a 40 year old white Oxford graduate but once he has a few beers he is a party animal. I once went to a club where Jonty was sitting at the bar, he had around 30-40 chicks all on his shoulders trying to talk to him but like the real gentleman he is he paid them no attention, once he told the bartender his drink and recieved his G&T he downed 500ml within a second. The DJ at the club (who coincidentally was paid 32k a month) was trying to remix some shitty trap music so Jonty got up on the stage and pushed the 32k a month DJ off and started singing fully accapela. I've never seen a club so quiet, they were in complete awe of his vocal ability. After he had sung a few songs the whole place erupted, giving Jonty standing ovations, he- being the ever humble man he is- jumped off the stage and went back to his seat at the bar and asked the bartender for some lemonade to ensure he wouldn't be drunk enough to have sexual intercourse with all the 50 girls who were hovering around him. It was around 5-6am before he left the bar that day... He told me it was just another day in the life of Jonty... what a legend. A gentleman on HLTV but a complete chad IRL. Shout out to Jonty!! Dope the WestSide! Tupac for life! #gotshot5timesbutimstillbreathing. #RealThugs #Legend

go fuck yourself, i dont give a fuck what you think, I can say whatever the fuck I want. You are arguing with a 15 year old on twitter rn, which maybe means that you are a bit jealous that i actually succeeded in what i did?

Stewie2K: plays multiple bitch roles at once, never complains. Simultaneously entries, supports, awps, and igls. Has to throw nades occasionally. Always the first to die, gets infinite amount of hate and blame for Liquid's slump in the later half of 2020. Alpha male, 6’2. Doesn’t constantly post about his girlfriend. High testosterone levels that fuel his aggressive plays.

Tr0shzz: gets relegated to a support position in the later half of 2020 due to shit performance. Still always gets to be in clutch positions where he always fails because of lack of mechanical skill. Gets the same stats as Stew although he plays better roles. Cries that the team ignores his constant whining. Mentally relies on MILF dom gf pegging him. Closeted, secretly fingers himself to the thought of Stew cucking him.

stupid NiKo stupid tactic no strategy
just 5 G2 ppl run around like idiot no brain aimer
no problem NiKo u mother best whore on serbia ;)

jackz replaced NiKo's gpu today ( check kenny's story, he got a new one today ) and installed a gt 710 on his cpu
so NiKo was playing at 30 fps and couldn't frag with awp and couldn't entry properly
the point of this? jackz played freely and top fragged so they kick NiKo soon and kenny gets back in and they can continue the bromance soon
also jackz muted NiKo today which explains his good performance today
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