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eZ for kennyS I wouldn’t bother betting on this too, teams gonna troll, only playing because they are forced to lol.
GamerLegion vs forZe
And u think GL are a consistent team???????? U are a degen anyway, how much money u lost betting on CS? yet u call me stupid xD
GamerLegion vs forZe
If shalfey playing its gg for GL, anyway fnatic should be able to win this side of the bracket ez.
OG #6
hltv giving OG top6 just makes it more embarrassing for them having no major shot lmao
Heroic vs TYLOO
I think POGGERZ could beat this TYLOO roster tbh
Lyngby Vikings vs Izako Boars
radar hackers cant beat god f0rest surely
Pinnacle Fall Series 2 - Quarter-final 1
nvm, they have now changed date to November rofl
Finest vs AVE
mar is dirty fixer, at 15-14 his phone dies apparently XDDD
Finest vs AVE
ggwp AVE should have won in regulation tbh. It was funny how Team Finest had tech issues on match point but they didnt deserve the win!
Pinnacle Fall Series 2 - Quarter-final 1
no invited teams kekw, pinnacle cup in shambles. Forze no roster so cant play, get ready for some tier 3 teams invited
MIBR expand roster with JOTA
mad how they have to go compete in NA esea advanced, payback for choking away a year of CS
Smooya is so underrated
I think this tweet was the real deal breaker to fnc lmao
Finest vs AVE
If u want a game to sum up malta vibes in a nutshell. THIS IS IT pog
Smooya is so underrated
when s1mple tweets this, u know he must not be bad lmao xD