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Best pokemon game?
one can dream for a hardcore stock pokemon game... unfortunately the new games will be very tough to transform especially when you're an indie dev like Drayano who makes the best pokemon hacks IMO. t...
Best pokemon game?
oh you can't even turn off exp share? I didn't know that. honestly they should just have an easy normal hard and harcore mode or something. that would solve so many problems. not in terms of features ...
Best pokemon game?
the idea of raid battles makes sense to some extent, but the form it's delivered in is so strange. how did they even explain lore-wise that pokemon could just become big and enraged like that, it's re...
Best pokemon game?
also wtf are dynamax pokemons? mega evolutions were a cool addition, but these are just bigger pokemon lmao
Best pokemon game?
not gonna pay 60 euros and then 20 or 30 more for DLC on a low content game. not worth it m8. pokemon fans will pay for anything, even when Nintendo "add" old pokemons to their games as a DLC or just ...
Best pokemon game?
with a 30% accuracy, that's 3/10^3 which is not that unlikely if you play a lot., you'll get it every few runs even if it's not a full 3 OHKOs it'll still be tough
Best pokemon game?
for me Platinum = Emerald and both the best, those and the two first pokemon dungeons
alex' vitality times
yes he's always spoken french /thread
yeah Alex has been gone for most of the year so what's your point?
that comment just shows you haven't watched any of Vitality's games or are just trolling. all of their players are high quality and would be useful in another lineup
no, I did that during the last 4 months. I started calisthenics and went from 79 kilos for 1m78 to 76 and a lot stronger (went from two pullups in one session to over 35 and 12 max reps in one time, f...
Top 15
second half actually. he was 1.08 and average in all statistics except impact where he was slightly above average during the last 6 months
Top 15
well, unless Hunter is 14th which he could still be, I wouldn't be too surprised if he isn't in top 20 because he was really disappointing this second half of the year. Everyone was looking at Kenny u...
Why do you defend that kind of behaviour? it's obvious that the girl lost the opportunity to become famous as his gf and then thought she could get back at him by ruining his life as she discovered th...
ayy there it is, "kiddo", the greatest cope "Its a STATE, not a COUNTRY" woah for real?