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HAVU vs ex-Winstrike
fckkk u HAVU same as last time....lost from so many round different
Gambit vs Astralis
Dude ur thought is pretty right!! did u bet opposite side?
mousesports vs fnatic
dexter is the shittiest IGL that I have ever seen Braindead ,low-skilled,Bad Decisions Maker.
Nordavind vs Wisla Krakow
How much?
Dignitas vs Tricked
Dont underestimate Tricked.They could even win.Betting +1.5 map would be solid
Gambit vs HAVU
lol dude I bet just map over xD...I thought Havu couldnt win on mirage but they did !My bois
Gambit vs HAVU
Picking train against Gambit is a suicide !! Should have picked dust2 or inferno
Complexity vs Natus Vincere
Flamie and Boompig dont deserve with the best team in the world.They should change both of them.
ex-Winstrike vs LDLC
Lost pistol 5 vs 3 after plant !!what the fk is this mannn......
Complexity vs Natus Vincere
ESL logic The teams on the left side will win.U wont believe but u will see! Btw it will be 3 maps game.
Astralis vs
Vp are so trash losing impossible rounds even when they have so many advantages ...fkers !!!!!!!I I am a fan of Astralis and I admit astralis is so good tonight .But VP lost so many impossible rounds...
mousesports vs ENCE
u will see bro xD
mousesports vs ENCE
I dont know why mouz picked dexter ...Frozen Bymas Ropz youngster trio is one of the bests.Acor awping is not so bad ! But this IGL is really look like trash.They have so much potential with a good I...
Sinners vs Copenhagen Flames
just bet on the losing side (i mean +handi) every match.Trust me !
Sinners vs Copenhagen Flames
dont get baited my friend on sinner map 2 ,trust me .Snow sweet Snow ,pinnacle are the same .Fixed as fuck .Bet on opposite site of what u think