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Complexity vs FaZe
Guys I am not crying I won so many on other matches ,I am just upset cuz this is so obvious , I just lost about 300$ on this ,I knew COL mindset thats why I put a little amount on them.Just saying the...
Complexity vs FaZe
fcking thrower clowns , As my opinion they need professinal mindset like Astralis and Navi ,it doesnt matter how many world rank they are on ,their mindset is so damn low, Playing for money is so awfu...
Complexity vs FaZe
I bet on COL but go lose fckers, the worst team ever to bet on ,I will blame myself for betting on this shitty team
Complexity vs FaZe
may be I am not the only one who wanna kick the fucking COL players in the faces
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Astralis and Navi are the smartest teams currently,they always play seriously
fnatic vs Astralis
thanks astralis , U guys are the true top 1 of CS , proud to be a Fan of u guys ,Always play smart ,every fucking matches . The king of CS ,I am sure u guys will win this tournament
fnatic vs Astralis
estag play tonight or not ..pls answer me seriously guys ,,pls
Spirit vs mousesports
they saved my -2.5 thanks spirit haha,u so unlucky bro I can feel it
Vitality vs Complexity
thats why I dont want to bet on COL matches fckkkk,so unpredictable ,,I have 70% wr on other bets but 0% wr on COL matches zzzzzzzzz,,,,
Vitality vs Complexity
this is the match u must avoid to bet on risky to bet on COL matches and Vitality also
Natus Vincere vs Heroic
thank u NAvi ...100% wr this match .....fcking love u guys
Natus Vincere vs Heroic
place complexity at first dude
Gambit Youngsters vs GODSENT
Gambit need strats ,they have good skills but no strat I think ,every round is close but they even lose 5 vs 3
thanks man
who pick first? pls answer me seriously guys please