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prior to NiKo joining G2, G2 wasn't doing great at all tbf. kennyS gotta go.
I am not clicking on that virus
NiKo will destroy Natus Vincere
haha he probably lost like $5
G2 issues?
you can't clutch anything with teammates like pennyS thinking he can awp while losing every single duel. Someone tell pennyS it's not 2013 anymore. Time for him to go to a lower tier team.
xenophobic and racist
I said it multiple times, csgo gambling is rock bottom of life. If you are in that position you need to take a second and think "how did I end up gambling on csgo" and from there find a solution to be...
xenophobic and racist
who in the world has the free time to watch those unknown matches?
-kennyS +who ?
ANYBODY....... literally any csgo player would be better if only he listens to coms and not try any risky personal plays AND DOESN'T AWP.
Zywoo is the BEST player in HISTORY.
Ziwo shouldnt even be in top 50 tbf...
csgo gambling is rock bottom. You need sit down and re-think over some stuff in your life and ask yourself how and why did I end up on csgo gambling site.
I'll guess your city.
you only took the coding class so you could make csgo hacks
TOP8 2021
only facts friend.
TOP8 2021
not only is s1mple the best csgo player in the world but without him the csgo scene wouldn't be where it is today. He is so much more important for the csgo scene than ziwo or anyone else.
CSGO without ZywOo
Yeah I don't know about this one small bud, Ziw0 is at best in top 50..