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s1mple settings
AMD is better as hardware, but Nvidia wins due to more software compatibility. You can do lots of stuff with a Nvidia GPU that are non video related specially professionally.
Gambit vs G2
Digged an old comment only to be salty. I'm sorry, didn't think you would mald so hard for that. You still lost
Is Ancient T sided or CT sided?
Usually the maps should be slightly CT-sided, because T rounds count as two when the CT economy is broke.(Pretty frequent). Inferno is the most T-sided you can get without bullshiting gameplay (Dust 2...
Dust 2 is being played since forever the exact same amount (a lot). The argument is that the map just saturated, either remove and bring it back in a very different way, or remove it from the map pool...
Yeah don't remove mirage. Remove Dust 2. EZ map pool with ancient, bring back train.
O PLANO vs Party Astronauts
What happened to trk?
G2 vs mousesports
But they are not simply playing CS. They are playing to win. And to win you have to work your ass off, specially on this level. If ordinary people have trouble winning on MM and faceit even playing o...
Astralis vs Complexity
The problem is that since you're envolving money in it. (And it needs to be an significant amount of money, nobody cares about betting $1 unless you're a child) for the sake of your thrill. You might ...
Astralis vs Complexity
There is the problem, what motivates people to gamble isn't the money, very often they operate under a loss or a very low profit. It's the thrill, the feel good sensation of winning. Money is just t...
Astralis vs Complexity
Don't glorify gambling. It's from there to losing all your money and becoming addicted.
Astralis vs Complexity
Gamble stack almost cost them the map lol. Dupreeh is just so smart bro, never seen someone pull that amount of bullshit with an awp.
Astralis vs Complexity
[Place pretty much every tier 1 player here] switched to awp and now [place good rating here] ratings? Zywoo S1mple very undeserved. Awp is stat farming by definition.
"Me like stats"
I also like statistics, i have some cool codes on python
Astralis vs Complexity
Astralis took -device personally. They playing solely from the power of salt.
device was the problem
He wasn't the problem as a player. But since he was thinking about leaving for a long time, this reduces the morale of the team. Very early to say that astralis will suceed as much without him. But at...