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G2 required change
G2 are kinda stuck. They just bought NiKo with big money they have to bet all the chips on him. I dont see them making any more changes before LAN era begins again.
He is 1.05 rating against top10 teams so I get your point. Imagine OG have such good strats they are still hltv rank 6 despite the star player performing like this against real tier 1 opposition.
Astralis vs Vitality
Vitality will cleverly hide the blast stream this time and it will be ez 2-0 for them. EZ for Zygod mens.
New ENCE Major semis?
Top20 peak, will stay in bottom side of top30 so its an improvement. Maybe ENCE management is learning hard lessons here. As soon as allu moves on from the roster then the sky is the limit.
robots replacing jobs
Well yeah, going outside earth theres lot of stuff to use but energy is always limited good point. But I think this AI/Robot thing will one day get to a point where like 50% are unable to work any job...
robots replacing jobs
Dont forget minerals, metals rare earths etc.
robots replacing jobs
The owners of the robots will do fine while the rest just starve out. The owners of the robots will then wage brutal war over who gets most resources (with automated killer robots after killing all t...
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Wallen rekt s0mple, I did not expect this. His better twin brother s1mple will come back with a vengeance for the next map for sure.
Allu gets to decide how he plays and the team framework always accomodates his desires 100% This means other players are more or less bait for him and he will always farm good stats. But make no mist...
OG's map pool
Ok thank you for your hard work. Now go watch more carefully OG games in the future. What part is individual mechanics and decisionmaking and what part is just top tier antistrat/midround calling and ...
OG's map pool
This is a typical mindset of an average fan of CSGO. You need to put individual players in context of the structure they play in. The structure is very good on OG and you can only understand that by w...
OG's map pool
Because he is underrated AF and stuck with players he doesnt deserve. The "sucking" will continue until people realize how much he could do with actual top players instead of bargain bin trash. Mantu...
OG's map pool
Just to respond to this specifically, I think there was a game on inferno where OG lost because of CT side was not hitting shots at all until Aleksi made a call to just stack a site in hopes of winnin...