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Astralis vs OG
I would say with ISSAA and NBK it would be easier to throw this, but now its less likely when everybody is on the same page. If mantuu doesn't shit the bed this should be 2-0 or 2-1 OG.
G2 dilemma
NiKo as a player is what I call a "negative force multiplier". He frags immensely but he gradually makes his teammates worse around him. One key aspect is that if you are IGLing NiKo, you will one way...
ropz OG Leaked on Twitter.
Just my 2 cents for the conversation: International rosters need more firepower to compensate for worse comms. And yes many good IGLs getting wasted over the years. Krystal and HUNDEN lacked firepow...
ropz OG Leaked on Twitter.
Actually inferno pit is one of the best places for a high fragging rifler to be on the entire CT side my peanut brain friend. Also ropz is extremely flexible and can work on a LOT of positions so any...
I am tired of Furia
Rekting furia at the start of the map but then getting rekt to lose the map and again the game.
thorin attack issa again
Yeah I get it, but I personally think it would be classy to just be quiet knowing you have already won.
thorin attack issa again
Don't kick a man already down. That was distasteful. Yes he understands the scene but not very likeable for sure.
"karrigan > gla1ve"
Online era is always more unstable so these upset losses dont make karrigan a worse IGL. I think faze still has a bright future ahead of them. I would give them at least a few months before judging ...
top 3 igls from your country?
Nice argument again, you really got me this time. Been watching pro CS since 1.6 and yeah I'll be turning 40 soon and I will watch pro CS until I die probably. I know a thing or two after having watc...
top 3 igls from your country?
The T side performances clearly has nothing to do with aleksib spoonfeeding them good executes and giving them success that way? Why do you think OG has issues with their map vetoes? When you are for...
top 3 igls from your country?
Malding mantuu fan angry that I called out his favorite player a bit? I can live with that.
top 3 igls from your country?
Best EU IGLs: 1. gla1ve (im not giving up on astralis yet) 2. karrigan (tactically strong, but especially strong as a leader and star players believe in his calls = instantly makes him even better wh...
Well ofcourse if you have a "star rifler" with 0.9 rating and an awper that always disappears in high stakes games, then yeah IGL is the problem.