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Greatest game of all time ?
Gem Tower Defense
[18+] if you need to choose
no legs, then you can like, spin her around on top. i think that would be funny
Orgs Are RIGHT
but only one could be removed and the scene still exist. take out all the cs player and it is gone. take out all the orgs and you have an environment closer to tennis or golf where competitors exist w...
Richard Lewis blocked me on twitter
grow up faggot its twitter
My boyfriend
0 to 100 just like that lmao. never change hltv
Can we stop tournaments in NA ?
yeah super prime time finishing at like 2am
Can we stop tournaments in NA ?
its not even a "good" time for NA though lol. people have shit to do on a monday morning and wanna go to bed
funny, i assumed based on their performance that ESL must be getting paid to help them get exposure. jesus christ, the thought esl might have actually wasted a bunch of money on that travesty
GTX 1060 or GTX 970?!
but if you arnt going to overclock then you dont need to be buying a k chip anyway really right?
GTX 1060 or GTX 970?!
are you ever gonna overclock your cpu? i know stock coolers are shit but they get the job done if you arnt gonna do anything with it
germany hottest girl world
Just have a walk in Helsinki and you can meet dozens of girls like that.
felt like a solid 5 out of 10 event. production quality was largely there, but the cs audience is used to a full weekend event. drawn out leagues have never worked for us
apart from that one rule
hes literally crying on twitter. its just way way funnier when someone who "has it all" has these kiddy level break downs over their own mistakes.
Are SK unbeatable?
dude they got taken to overtime by fucking flipside, they the best in the world right now but its laughable to say theyr unbeatable