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eXploit vs SKADE
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAha sure if you are 100%, then show me your ALLIN on 1.55 -1
eXploit vs SKADE
> ; check >Game starts 10:30; check >4.5 odds , probably 2+ for +1 exploit; check =DDDD
Press "Log out" button please. Post atleast +20iq fix not just name some players, thats dumb as fuck. woxic, kenny , ? ottoNd ? lmao
And people considered that havu are top tier team already? just please, they are t2 material forever.
HAVU vs Apeks
Like you dont know how it is to play against germans
Your country's achievements
Yeah and whats wrong with that ? If you dont understand than i will explain for you. You can count whole top3 the best, the difference is flavours and other stuff. some like it , some dont but still t...
Bets please
Free money today tho ))
Your country's achievements
Do you even tasted few of Latvian beers to talk mr.Germany ? Im not biased but if Travelers come to Latvia and says that beer is almost as good as in Germany than i can say we have top3 beers atleast...
Bets please
Place your bet on Gambit+Heroic today
Your country's achievements
still best beer+girls change my mind
michu > flamez
People say "stop overhype flameZ" but in the end what MICHU did these past years? Envy with Calyx? lmao stop saying hes some kind of tier1 material when hes done nothing. flameZ > MICHU anyday
200£ on Gambit
When its 1.9 for gambit versus Astralis nobody bets 200. When its 1.3 , you decide to bet on them ? Not smart bettor i guess
FURIA vs Astralis
Yes, even Heroic > Astralis atm for me, cuz young guns can outaim these days. Will be fun series to watch i guess but gambit is top 1 for sure hands down.