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People still not realize that you dont go with odds, you go against odds damn.. 1.3 for team who have same lose streak as 3.2 team, maybe someone gets lesson today
mousesports vs GODSENT
He thinks that oskar is top1 awp, give him a break
wear no mask = idiot
Like even it would be our fault that virus appeared and we have to pay for something, every country, every city should give masks for free but lets earn more money
Mousesports favorite team?
Yeah, i forget about oskar, even with main awper in team, chrisj was no questionable good as secondary for setups. Always liked him, seems such a nice guy & hope he reach more of hes aggro style , i...
Mousesports favorite team?
A little bit offtopic - What you mean about chrisj with "not his natural role" ? Hes been awping since 1.6 times, was one of the best scout players early patches, he gave up that role in mousesports w...
North vs GODSENT
I like this north with these two additions, still believe that north will close it out on ovp if no choke in few first rounds
North vs GODSENT
In what world train is ct sided "as fuck"? Pls stop spread that bullshit around ffs Only plebs who have no idea how to play T side calling maps nuke, train ct sided, damn Edit: a lot of teams still ...
oBo career not ruined
Stupid topic, mods delete this
North vs GODSENT
2-1 north XD
Izako Boars vs Lyngby Vikings
15-8 to 15-15 mhh
Izako Boars vs Lyngby Vikings
Time to deposit from parents credit card again, kid
Izako Boars vs Lyngby Vikings
Not throw, just Lynb Vikings will take last two maps. Overpass and raalz? Topfragging inc
Izako Boars vs Lyngby Vikings
Easy 2-1 for danes
Heroic vs Spirit
Sweet 3.2 correct score heroic 2-1, lets get it
Gambit vs Complexity
Somehow Gambit destroys everyone, even t1 teams