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BLINK vs Sinners
What a game!!!! Respect for both teams
BLINK vs Sinners
Blink are weird on Vertigo, sometimes they play really good, but sometimes they play veeeery bad. So if somehow Blink shows up on Vertigo there's a chance for a 2-0.
BLINK vs Sinners
Blink are bad on Nuke, they are decent on Vertigo. So they ban Nuke
Ez for the greatest IGL of all the time Lobanjica <3
Lyngby Vikings vs BLINK
Blink - picked Inferno Lyngby Vikings - picked Mirage/Vertigo Train is the decider
Budapest Five vs BLINK
They would take this veto every single game lol. These are their best maps
Budapest Five vs BLINK
Blink Blink Blink <3
BLINK vs Granit
Nt. But they have to do nothing with Serbia. Players are from Rep. Of Kosovo while the org is Albanian.
Wisla Krakow vs BLINK
HLTV doesn't have the Kosovo flag, so they are using the Albanian one, which we love and don't mind using it.
BLINK vs Finest
Despite not playing a single Overpass official, Blink played good, but struggled a lot on T-site. GG Finest.
It will all depend on Vertigo, if Blink wins, I think they are the favorite since both Dust and Train are very good maps for them. But if they lost Vertigo 2-0 is very much possible
Unique.Skuak vs BLINK
Basically all players are from Kosovo, tournament organizers are from Kosovo, but the tournament is being held in Tirana, Albania, and since HLTV still doesn't have Kosovo flag, they are using the Alb...
Say whatever you want, but that last call in Inferno, where they walked on A with only 1 player there, was god tier! Lol