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how should I profit off operation
Sell the operation, go to casino and gamble it all on black
top 5 teams
Katowice champions, Clutch Island champions,winners of blast groups 1 2nd at epl season 12,iem beijing,ice challenge,2nd at blast groups 2 3rd-4th at esl pro league 11 Epl season 12 champions,rtr1 ch...
top 5 teams
You're making excuses for them having a worse year when replying to me saying they had a worse year??? what a fucking daft cunt.
top 5 teams
Good list. Debateable between Vitality and Navi, both have reached and lost like 4 finals. Navi have the only big win in the year in emphatic style.
top 5 teams
But they've had a better year than Astralis lol...
Best actress
Mila Kunis Gal Gadot Jennifer Aniston
Gucci glasses or laser eye surgery?
Get prescription contact lenses/glasses and then a dragon lore
Karrigan bm
Wtf was Scrawny doing at the end?
Stupid much??
Favorite Clothing Brand (Designer/non-designer)
L.V Amiri Tommy Hilfiger
NAVI vs Vitality, most skilled team?
Right, i'm guessing i'll go become a pro then. I'll learn nade line-ups and how to give info. I'll probably have a 0.5 rating every series and when my team loses every game they won't kick me because ...
NAVI vs Vitality, most skilled team?
NAVI vs Vitality, most skilled team?
Serious question? Rpk,apex are fucking shit as players. Shox has been garbage since 2015. Nivera has played 5 maps in t1 cs and you're trying to compare him to electronic? S1mple and zywoo are equal ...
No arguments here lol... we're discussing the better riflers. I suppose Electronic stats might be inflated a bit because he is a better pistol player than magisk, but it's probably harder to get bette...