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This aged well
Portugese Come!
Mbappé isn't Portuguese.
Portugese Come!
Rent a car and go on your own exploring. Best way. I understand that most people won't want the trouble but you reduced it to just hotel and sea so it was misleading.
Portugese Come!
Gonna go ahead and say if you're more into the beach/ road trip vibe, the Costa Vicentina (west coast south of the river Sado all the way to Algarve) is also good. Serra do Gerês is also good for nat...
Portugese Come!
Madeira has some of the most incredible forests, cliffs and lakes you will find. If you've been there and missed it... you should go back and ignore that pool.
Portugese Come!
It's magical. Even the weather is different there, colder and with high humidity, even when Lisbon (only 20 km away) has like 35º in the summer. You have some very nice forest ambiance, a castle, pala...
astral projection
Nah man. Tool (and any rock band for that matter) has too many contrasts. Try for something more akin to ambient/soft. Early Tangerine Dream for example. Some Vangelis as well.
Portugese Come!
Go to Sintra and hike. Source: trust me bro.
HLTV experts
s1mple on NIP
Yes, ukrainian flag already has the same colours. Small step for him
s1mple on NIP
It would probably come out better than this
s1mple on NIP
+1 very good ahahah
acceleration is good?
+1 for the effort
Bardolph praise thread
He has a great voice and a kind of humour that I appreciate. He's definitely one of my favourites.
The plant areas are too open, especially on A. Other than that, I think overall the map is a bit too big, no easy rotations between sites. But if you aren't a lazy slob, you should've already discover...