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+1 any regional hubs?
ppl say I cheat
furiouss wannabe posts lucky shots and bhops from last week (of 354 games) smurfing with people that cant even hit you. you take no damage at all. anti aim or whatever it is, it looks like this. no_...
chauvinism on a steam
wtf im just in xantarespeek, ferraripeek,volvopeek etc for the meme
he took on pyjamas, he sleep now
Next GOat
gambit is truly ky favourite player
opens console and types volume 0 at the speed of sound snap bac kto reality, recharge his crosshair placement powars in his state of euphoria, as his eyes are not 5 cm from his e screen. he grab towe...
Headphones choice
buy a pair of real headphones, like the sony mdr's or the dt 770 and youll have them for 10+ years with amazing sound quality. i got myself some beyerdynamic custom pro studio and had a boompro mic fo...
PC Experts Come Pls
call a friend and try connecting your hard drives to his pc, while his pc boots from his own hard drive. boot from another hard drive? liek a usb stick? if you have a tech savvy friend chances are h...
Overpass 2077
hltv is equal in terms of retardedness, only that the average age is 3 years older and we know we are retarded on hltv.
Overpass 2077
i must get teh nwordcounter bot on you 14 n words and 88 hard R's!!!!?!??!?!?
Overpass 2077
i sent you the gold kind stranger why wonmt you edit oyur post
HLTV International
i sent you gold kind stranger why dont you are have EDIT MEN
HLTV International
flag and name checks out
I will answer every thread!!
tell me why tizian is so underrated and if you say he isnt then whats your home address