Technology Analyst, Deutsche Bank ('21). Proficient Programmer, and an even more Passionate Gamer :D. Played CS since 2009, watched Pro-CSGo since 2015. Currently an LE (highest: LEM on solo-queue), with 3.7k hours in CSGo, though I don't play it anymore. However, I still enjoy watching Pro-games, and decided to join HLTV in 2020. Just a friendly Asian (though I've shifted out long back :D), open to any logical, intellectual, or philosophical debates/discourse. Good Day! :)

Taking a break from HLTV, now that life's getting more complicated xD. I do visit intermittently, so if deemed necessary, feel free to DM me. Have a nice day, fellas!!! :)
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FedEx shooter
Sikh people are sometimes mistaken for Muslims, and aggression towards them is not unheard of.
Best countries 2021
New Zealand is underrated, I believe. The quality of overall life here > USA, for sure. I have been there.
all indians come
As long as India and England exist, it can't die lol. England's royal sport is cricket, a gentleman's game. Also, the classic England vs Australia Ashes will always be there. And finally, there's lite...
all indians come
In terms of what? In terms of money and popularity, maybe But in terms of entertainment, BBL > IPL
all indians come
Historically, it used to be true till Ricky Ponting's time. But since MSD took over, it's not really the case anymore, I'm afraid. Aussies just lost Border-Gavaskar Series against India :(
all indians come
Calm down. You need Australians and Kiwis. Maxwell is carrying one of your teams, NZ and Aussie players have huge stakes in IPL, as top players, coaches, analysts, etc.
all indians come
There is something called Google xD Just google best cricket players in IPL 2021 and you would get many names....
I'm not sure if I agree with the metric weights chosen, however, I tend to agree with the result, as far as CSGo is concerned :)
Honestly, that's not a very good point, because hypothetically speaking, Vitality could have made 100 small bets from different accounts, instead of 1 big bet from their account, to prevent suspicion....
Well, true. The implication of 1st point is that, if there has been a match-fixing at all, Vitality had to know about it. 9z couldn't fix on their own, since they had to win. That leads us to 2nd poin...
This doesn't make sense. 1) If there is a match-fix, the losing team *has to be* involved in the matchfixing, because they have to willingly throw the game. 9z can lose the game willingly by themsel...
Biden Sanctions
Why this aggression all of a sudden, from USA? I don't think they need to be friends, but allies are more useful than enemies.
+1 Arguably the GOAT of all CS. Looking at the purest form of CS competition, and not just stats, I don't think anybody can ever accomplish what f0rest has. He is simply living legend <3
sh1ro demo review
I would argue that a player's playstyle revolves a lot around the players he plays with. The way Gambit plays, it is very advantageous for Sh1ro to play very safe but also extremely effective, by taki...