ez for flaleção!
great fan of coldplay,racing games and animes
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Teams with 5 players of the same role
S1mple star rifler Kng entry NiKo lurker Fallen support Device main awper
Underrated Artists
i think xambassadors and kaleo are very underrated
Dignitas vs Young Ninjas
young ninjas vs old ninjas lol
how is your day going
just bought an new headset (hyperx cloud 2) and an new keyboard(redragon dark avenger lunar k568) mens))
I rate your eDPI
AIm steps down as SAW coach
Sad,just when they reached their peak Hope they continue in top30 after that
leftist logic
Yeah i think the same too,i ain't sexist but what they're asking nowadays is ridiculous in esports when they don't do shit on tier1 scenes atm
leftist logic
Not much but i expected atl someone trying to argument,they only attacked me and said that they wouldn't waste their time when i asked the reasons why when the best fe teams face any serious male team...
leftist logic
I got ratiod by mad lefties bcs i called out fe r6 scene getting bigger prize pools while tier2 scene got less investment when fe teams can't even qualify to it Everyone calling me a sexist manchild ...
best 2.0 ratio
2 kpr 200 adr 4.32 impact lmfaooo
PC Experts Come Pls
Depends if you can boot with another drive and if then you can access those archives,if it isn't 100% damaged and you get lucky that the files are untouched you can access it,check if you don't have a...
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
Kills 44 and lose This is faze clan
Paquetá sign former RED Canids lineup
Vamos flamengo
Redman underrated
The guy from def jam fight for new york?