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Some fun facts:
- Collection skins > Case skins
- Souvenirs are a great way to own a pretty unique skin
- The M249 is better than you think (
- In CSGO you can't shoot open-bolt shotguns underwater
- Killing a chicken in a Valve Deathmatch server will give you 1 point
- If you keep your inspect key pressed while inspecting a weapon, it will keep the inspect animation going indefinitely (this doesn’t work on the falchion knife for some reason)

Mens that like souvenirs even more than me (and have some sick ones)
Forum posts
insertion II is the worst map ive ever played
Ok and? It isn't supposed to be played like a normal map, and as you said, you can use scout and get ez long distance kills
insertion II is the worst map ive ever played
Oh I didn't know that, my bad
insertion II is the worst map ive ever played
Nah missions are ranked, it's a short match but it's still competitive
insertion II is the worst map ive ever played
yeah it's good to be a little familiar with it, but I'm sure very little people do that
LOGO Evolution
Man the mouse logo until now was so good, idk why they changed it :( it looked like a hand holding a mouse and a mouse head at the same time too, that was a pretty cool touch
insertion II is the worst map ive ever played
for real lmao But tbh this is not because the map is bad, it's because 90% of people playing it have never played it before and are only playing it for the mission, also the short match format is shit...
insertion II is the worst map ive ever played
Insertion isn't a bad map, it's just bad in the context of the operation mission. If you learn it a little or try to understand some tactis on it it's a great map. Rn it's just that you've never playe...
insertion II operation mission
Yeah, any map that isn't in the official mappool that gets put as a weekly mission suffers from that, a lot of players coming in that don't even know the map unfortunately :( but at least they should ...
insertion II operation mission
I think the short game format kinda reduces that tactical depth, and unfortunately that's the format you need to play for the mission :/
insertion II operation mission
it's a good map but in the context of the operation it kinda sucks: -You have to play it on a short match (less fun imo, less time to adapt to the opponents, and people care less, almost like it's a u...
god damit nip
It might seem like it but anyone in the community or who knows a little about esport knows she has the abilities :)
Skin Feedback
Dunno how it'd look when you hold it, maybe put it on the skinviewer or whatever tools you skinmakers have to see how it looks with the 1st person perspective