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They say only alt accounts have empty bio so here we go.


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mopoz |
you are getting baned bro

ngl it was funny and worth it
2021-01-13 19:42
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The cheating problem
competitive titles like csgo are probably the worse examples due to their nature, but you never know
The cheating problem
I myself also rather use valve than chines tencent bs. But Valve are a huge linux/macos gaming proponets and if they stoped using VAC and started a kernel level anticheat, linux user would lose the ab...
The cheating problem
get your priorities straight, kernel level acces is never good and less if it is for a game. Even if VAC sucks, is the way to go with anti cheats
The cheating problem
pls no kernel level anti cheat
Player who won more 1v5 clutchs in csgo
Jotita BBB
Smurfyaa +39
+1 is so fun when he is on your side
Smurfyaa +39
He may not have the most kills but usually the ones that he gets give rounds to the team. There are so many rounds were he gets a double entry in B inferno and at that point the round is over for ct, ...
Movistar Riders
riders fans apreciate saw and so do saw fans. saw and riders need each other to grow the iberian scene
Smurfyaa +39
mopoz is hard carry tho
Smurfyaa +39
Smurfyaa +39
arki shit roles decent results. cs is more than stats
CS:GO console
Is a bug for me it also changes.
If endpoint went full UK
wow that scalated quickly
Smooya surely has calm down
even better to leave the server because your teammate is in last round in a 1v3, he clutches and team has to waste a tac for you to come back
Smooya surely has calm down
they would probably put mopoz because he is the most likely to give interviews of the two spaniards.