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why french players so tilted?
Yeah all this for supporters and haters so to keep the chat flowing during the game and spice it up, it's all for tournament's gain.
why french players so tilted?
Whats wrong in showing emotions dude? Some players like to be calm and some mald it just shows how much they care for the rounds.
Sell AWP Fade?
Just cuz of the Operation it is hyped, nothing else. It's an ugly skin tbh.
*real* G2 Fix
That's right. Also, now there will be less pressure and more confidence and experience which NiKo brings with him so we can expect good CS from them soon. I'm excited how they turn up next season.
why french players so tilted?
Shows how much the game means to them, nothing wrong with the emotions.
I think it's perfectly balanced map for rotations and narrow is the thing about Inferno.
*real* G2 Fix
I know this argument is not totally right but I believe in kenny, he'll show up soon, we know how good he is when in top form. He's only the missing piece in the G2 puzzle, hope he returns in top form...
Furia finally meet a TOP5 team
China next 20 world diseases surely.
Best Rivalries in CSGO between Players
NiKo vs s1mple too mens.
Who likes Russia?
We only like Russian girls.
TOP 20 players 2020
huNter won't be happy for you saying about niko
How come you said plants pointless, Mary Jane gonna kill you now.
LoL it's a great map, don't be a pussy if you can't play on it.
TOP 20 players 2020
I deserve Top1 after carrying my shit silver teammates every fucking game.