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Felps house car theft
Fuck, man. Imagine living in such a place.
r8 my eyes
r8 my eyes
Interesting how much eyes can tell you about someone
15 days in Munich
Well, maybe he is not a pleb?
15 days in Munich
No worries, mate. I go to Munich every couple of years and I always have a great time - to be honest, it is one of my favourite cities of all time. However, I do have friends and acquaintances there a...
15 days in Munich
Been a while since I went there, but the galleries are very nice. Do check those out. Nymphenburg Palace is very nice. The bars are good so check those out, but the clubs are shit - avoid, avoid, avoi...
Private school
It really depends. Childhood friends are like family - love em or hate em but you don’t get to pick them. You kind of just pick the best from the limited bunch that is available to you. Don’t get me w...
Private school
Knuckle down, do your work and do well academically. Trust me, once you grow up, you will realise that your childhood friends are probably not the people you will want to be spending time with. Best f...
Rip Portugal.
I think it will be a good game, but Portugal will probably win. They are on another level.
Rip Portugal.
+1 Belgium is not on the same level as Portugal
Witcher 3
Yup - enjoy, it's a fucking fantastic game. My favourite RPG by a long shot until D:OS2.
What did you guys buy on steam sale?
Thanks, I'll definitely check it out then
What did you guys buy on steam sale?
Didn't realise it was on. Might get Mass Effect Legendary Edition - never played these games and I heard good things about the remaster?
first job
Associate at a law firm, EUR 60k per year