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HellRaisers vs BOOT-d[S]
I just don't understand Boot banning maps. They ban nuke (HR worst map) instead of cache (HR's best map), is it a joke?
Best RPG in history!?
Might and Magic series (especially 6)!
Life is weird
Keep working on your confidence. Go with another girls, don't focus on one.
Life is weird
1. You are not confident. You are writing here asking for advise. You don't believe in yourself. 2. Girls choose guys not by their looks but by their behavior. 3. What attention go you need? Do you ma...
+18 HOTtest actresse?
sure? check it
+18 HOTtest actresse?
Noone mentioned Emily Ratajkowski
You guys remember cs_siege and cs_assault?:)
Zeus is so overrated as IGL
The truth is Zeus leaving Gambit ruined Gambit and didn't help Navi either. I see why Gambit didn't want to play under Kane's command - he is really dumb for this role. Now that man is decomposing Nav...
Na'Vi hurting CS???
Too much Ukraine blinded patriotism
Na'Vi hurting CS???
It would be better than no-tactic style of today
Na'Vi hurting CS???
Appreciate the effort you put in this investigation. In my opinion, Zeus is not that good for a long time. As Angel said, they (Navi) got no tactics at all. Their defaults are simple to roll over, and...
Coldzera better aim than NiKo and s1mple (explained)
I would say second best IGL+fragging is Angel. It's a pity he has to deal with tier2-3 players, not tier 1.
They need normal tactics. Angel, for example
Im Russian AMA
Nope, Germany
HLTV Ranking: 19th