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Vegan burgers
I did liked that and didn't expect that to taste that good tho.. but as long as you can fake a meat or a plant... burger is a burger depends how you see and describe it to your brain ... both tasty "c...
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
thats the desperation of daps...
Extra Salt add junior, Grim to FunSpark ULTI Finals roster
looks better on paper than liquid or EG gl hf in future
Vitality bid farewell to shox
prime polish VP also could fit and NIP
-amanek +drakeN
i mean still would like to se -amanek tho
es3tag and jks transfer-listed by Complexity
ISSAA parts ways with Eternal Fire
well that went fast i wonder what every team thinks that after few matches they gonna be top1 with totally new lineup?
FaZe outlast OG and move forward in BLAST Group C
last time i saw them and played vs them was on Enemy Territory :D damn good times
fnatic go international with addition of ALEX, mezii
not the best picks but still better then JW and Golden thats for sure GL
Valve launches $1 million Workshop contest
i liked that lmao trueee :D
NIP take down Liquid, Gambit edge past mousesports in IEM Cologne openers
stewie is most overrated na player ever i think even more than shroud he suck ballz for ages
New fnatic?
why would krimz stay in fnatic tho? poor guy he deserves better team for like 3 years now
Ago the best polish team
dude he was talking about active teams in the topic of this thread what are u even talking about now? noone cares about past and theres no more polish VP so whut? dont get sweaty
Ago the best polish team
please use your brain before u post anything just to post