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mousesports vs fnatic
I'll accept that...but Bymas > Golden...and I'm not even disrespecting acoR by even acting like I need to explain how he's miles above Golden hahaha
mousesports vs fnatic
Golden is garbage
mousesports vs fnatic
Dude acoR is so legit...and idk how he's getting so much hate on this feed here...he was a MAJOR upgrade for mousesports and has been playing well for them too...dexter is also an upgrade, though not ...
mousesports vs fnatic
These have all been wrong so let me do the correct one... Ropz > Krimz Frozen = Brollan acoR > jackinho Bymas = JW dexter > Golden You can basically move jackinho, JW and Golden anywhere vs those bo...
mousesports vs fnatic
They swapped times with ex Winstrike because they had two matches scheduled simultaneously I believe
AGO vs Dignitas
No, the end would have been 16-4, but thanks for the input, Virgin ZyWOo's updated now
AGO vs Dignitas
Is it just my screen alone or did the game stop at 15-4?
fnatic vs Cloud9
Great, the hat tells me Krimz signed with the Yankees...I swear they always end up getting everyone eventually
New England Whalers vs Yeah
This whole boobie name change stuff sounds SO here in the US, The Walking Dead can show people dying horribly, heads being bashed in, various forms of abuse and blood and gore...but th...
Dignitas vs OG
+1 ISSAA has fallen off lately...he could get his groove back, though, which would obviously be huge for them
Dignitas vs OG
ISSAA was playing amazingly there for a while...if he can get back to that form, OG could make some serious noise
mousesports vs GODSENT
Mouz is balling lately...i think Bymas is underrated, too...he's gonna be a top tier beast before he's done...and that should be a long, long time from now, because he's only like 5 years old or somet...
Cloud9 vs ENCE
Except wrestling has some talent sprinkled in there somewhere
Cloud9 vs ENCE
I thought C9 was botter than this, bot I guess I was wrong...I botter rethink my's bot like they're #1 or anything bot they are also supposed to be botter than last...I've bot to stop ass...
Cloud9 vs Gambit
You can Ax1Le anybody...Gambit are so good, they for sh1ro can win any tournament they interz...they're so good it's nafany...nafany at all, like calling someone short a Hobbit...I'm just saying