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We all went home. I was there and I can say everyone was cheering for NiP over FaZe.
oldest active user atm
800k old? Aiiight :D
r8 pizza :D
Not at all. He's weird. :|
r8 pizza :D
Normally use tomato sauce... not ketchup.
Surely. It would remove all the guns from the public.
Best cs players 00-09'
friis and trace were late. They only became notable in early 2010, where trace was one of the best players in the world. karrigan was only just starting to show in late 2010 with joining mousesports.
top 5 deag players
The shots I have seen from TenZ so far has been insane. Potential top 3 deagle player for sure.
Olof's role in FaZe
astralis xyp9x
Why? Astralis is still better than Liquid. The only reason Liquid is #1 right now is because they play more tournaments. #notfanboyingbtw
r8 latina
Why don't you link her insta? She's just another insta hoe tho. https://www.instagram.com/bruluccas/
+1. Biggest baiter/lurker. s1mple is always set up for kills while his team just dies. He does play his role well, but it won't get them consistent wins in the long run.
I don't think 7 is enough for ya.
Music thread :)
Just came across this one again. Brings back memories. I like that genre tho. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE_0m5OkyN4
Better without Astralis
Well, good thing Astralis only attend BLAST events then, huh... Honestly, I'm triggered that they are skipping events, but I think there are psychological thoughts behind it.
+1. I don't see how people can't think of this. Personally I use the top part for my hair and face, middle part for chest, back and legs, and lower part for butt and crotch. Changing the towel every ...