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degster best CIS AWPer
Degster is better than the last five you listed, xsepower and iDISBALANCE have been very inconsistent last year.
BIG vs Sprout
Love both Syrson and Degster (enjoy watching Degster on FPL, his English comms are good enough and it's no wonder he's done well as a standin for Sprout), it's great to see them go against each other ...
nealan is a good support and IGL player and I like watching him on FPL, but saying he'll be as good as Qikert or electronic is too much. He's not the type who will carry games for you and play a star ...
Winstrike vs Gambit
They're only rigged for stupid bettors like you.
Will Xantares make it into top20?
I mean I expected Xantares to be in the lower end of the Top 20. I think they put too many NA players in the Top 20 this year so Xantares will most likely not make it. Syrson is a lock for Top 10 thou...
ropz = thug ?
He was simping for blameF to make up for his 40kg
Why Zywoo don't play FPL?
A lot of pros don't like playing FPL. Some of them say it encourages bad habits and doesn't really improve their skill, and most of them say that it's just not that fun and that it's overrated. That's...
Why Zywoo don't play FPL?
He was also the leader for all-time wins. He had the highest points in FPL of all-time in just about 700 games before Xantares eclipsed him a few months ago (you can check Faceit Mikey tweet about it,...
Tenet, overrated ?
Nolan himself overall is overrated. The only thing he's good at is delivering spectacles, though to be fair that counts a lot when it comes to entertainment, and most people only watch movies for ente...
xantares top 10
Nobody's saying they're Tier 1 LAN proven either, they're just being rightfully seen as a good team in the online era. Just playing with the cards they've been dealt with, so it's really a silly thing...
xantares top 10
Exactly. It's not really fair to call players or a team as onliners if they haven't been truly tested in LAN yet (sample size-wise).
xantares top 10
He is indeed a Tier 1-level player but he played most of his matches this year against Tier 2 competition in CIS, so his stats are a bit inflated. Mir is also Tier 1, but the same argument for Yekinda...