Hello mens))

I'm the creator of the "I redesign logos" thread.
You can find all the logos here. I'll update it as I go. I won't post any more updates on HLTV.

You can follow me on these platforms, if you like my work and care about it:

// UPDATE -- 22.04.2020
Featured on Jonty's profile. Now my HLTV career can end.

// UPDATE - 30.04.2020
Today marks the day of my last day as HLTV user.
After getting a thread of mine deleted and not given any explanation on why, even though I stated on the thread that I'd appreciate it, I decided to leave HLTV. There's no point in trying to make HLTV a better place if the mods, who run the forum, don't take time to read a 8-paragraphs-long thread before deleting it. Wish you all the best. See you out there, somewhere, somehow. Good luck to everyone and stay safe.
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Rate my Spotify playlist
PORTUGAL, CARALHO! If you want me to share some more artists and bands, let me know. :D
Rate my Spotify playlist
Where are you from? Cause David Bruno isn't known outside Iberia, I guess? Glockenwise made a new version, in portuguese, with Rui Reininho (from GNR, a portuguese rock band) and it got them to top 10...
Spotify playlist for cool rock fans
Madonna, Maroon 5, Adele. Natasha Bedingfield but then not enough Led Zeppelin, no Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand, Green Day?
Rate my Spotify playlist
Conjunto Corona - been a fan of them since 2017, when I first saw them live at a microfestival; since then, and thanks to their last album, they've been getting a lot more recognition. Went to two con...
Rate my Spotify playlist
+1. And not sure about Finland and Argentina, but in Portugal we have a lot of artists/bands singing in english and some of them are better than well-known artists. Some of my fav artists are kinda n...
Rate my Spotify playlist - Nothing but Thieves, Broken Machine (song and album in the playlist)
Rate my Spotify playlist
Tame Impala, Foals, Foster, Twenty One Pilots, NBHD, Kasabian, Architects. Not bad. Do you like Nothing But Thieves and IDLES? Surprises me not to be there if you do so tbh.
Problem with bans
I know, just a matter of time. Mods probably too busy eating their lunch.
Problem with bans
Thread not deleted yet? Now that's some promising stuff! Last time I posted a thread because of bans/deleting threads, it got deleted within 1 minute. If you were to read the entire thread, it'd be 2-...
Today's music releases
I've heard his name before, somewhere, but I don't remember when nor where. I need to check him out. Thanks for suggesting.
Today's music releases
Or, if you're still waiting for the good songs, you can go search for or make them yourself. Easier, uh?
I redesign logos
Here. As the concept is a great one, I decided not to change it. Changed the shape of the wing to give it a little bit of flow. It is thinner because I was trying to find a shape I liked that felt uni...
Today's music releases
Well, if that's the case, you can always produce some music yourself and release it next week. :)
Today's music releases
Wow, her voice is so soft! Thanks for sharing <3