Hello mens))

My name is Henrique, I'm a 22-years old self-taught graphic designer trying to make a living out of it. If I could describe myself in just a sentence, this is the one I'd choose: dog lover, beer drinker, art enthusiast, designer wannabe.
I like pretty much every form of art. From music to cinema, from architecture to sculpture. If you want to know more about me, just ask me. :D

My most interesting threads

A thread about redesigning CS orgs logos.
You can find a list of logos requested here:

I programmed a Discord bot with useful lineups for the active map duty pool.
List of utility added. Scroll to the top so see how the bot works.

Social Media

You can follow me on these platforms, if you like my work and care about it. Also feel free to add me on Steam.

Users I like, respect and suggest

Some of them got banned, but here's the list. If your name doesn't appear on the list, doesn't mean I don't like you, just means we don't interact as much or that I forgot to add you!
NetherlandsAstralis_6_majors |
SpainBiggest_Dont_Cry_fan |
UkraineDelirious206 |
FinlandEestu |
Brazilghcnvbkn |
United StatesiSupportSmallScenesOnly |
Belgiumjimmybelgium |
United KingdomJonty04l32 |
South AfricaLustedSilli |
SerbiaLtN)) |
PeruSharlLegreg |
RussiaVelsVivard |

// UPDATE -- 22.04.2021
Featured on Jonty's profile. Now my HLTV career can end.

// UPDATE - 30.04.2021
Today marks the day of my last day as HLTV user.
After getting a thread of mine deleted and not given any explanation on why, even though I stated on the thread that I'd appreciate it, I decided to leave HLTV. There's no point in trying to make HLTV a better place if the mods, who run the forum, don't take time to read a 8-paragraphs-long thread before deleting it. Wish you all the best. See you out there, somewhere, somehow. Good luck to everyone and stay safe.

// UPDATE - 07.08.2021
I'm still here, wandering around. That's it. See you out there!
Forum posts
00Nation vs Copenhagen Flames
"workshop/2606431684/ancient" KEKW
SAW vs Apeks
He was also the IGL when he was playing for Offset, right? I think MUT should remain as IGL and sta should focus on being the star rifler tho, but let's see how things work out in the future.
Trasko vs Akuma
Matchfixers vs cheaters lmao NOICE
SAW vs Apeks
New IGL? Who's IGLing now?
Why Riptide update is great
No problem mens)) hope your day is going well! :)
Why Riptide update is great
It is white now so better visibility if there's someone standing there behind a molotov (CTs could spot you, you couldn't spot CTs cause it was too dark + CT skins are dark). :)
Latvia best from Baltics
Nice 8 year old banter, mate. It was one of the best bait jokes in a long time and you had to ruin it cause you're braindead.
ORDER vs Hazard
16-0 coming Edit: nvm coachy actually 200iq
Lyrics u relate to
Sometimes I wanted to hang myself, but I don't know how to tie that knot in the rope I wanted to be a robot, but I don't know how to tie a tie I wanted to tell you this before, but I had a lump in my ...
New DUST2 Crash? You actually need to thank this dude. :D
New DUST2 Crash?
Official maps or official servers? Cause I tried every map active duty map before and after changing cl_forcepreload to 0 and after changing I could actually load the map without it crashing. Also, i...
New DUST2 Crash?
I had it on 1.
New DUST2 Crash?
At least it did with me. I was getting crashes and couldn't even close CS and after using it, it did actually load the map.
New DUST2 Crash?
"cl_forcepreload 0" helped me get it to work. Saw it on the comments of the HLTV article and tried it out. :D
Vitality vs Astralis
Aged like fine wine bud.