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34°C today
try 40c on an island....... you can almost swim in the air due to the humidity and the bed is wet 24/7, 40c with fresh air sounds like heaven
Fiend vs FTW
FTW 23.1 -> 15.6 already plez throw this one bulgaria more money here than winning tourney)
Turkey vs Italy
Italy + U2.5 + Turkey most cards @5.6
just ban france from the planet
Young Ninja playing with lvl8
Embarrassing for Forze playing O26.5 rounds versus 3 players 1 stand-in and 1 caster on 2 kills
Euro 2020
Theyre favorites xD
10€ to 40K€ betting challenge
Only way is if you get lucky, and I dont mean all your bets winning I mean you bet on shit lines and win anyway. If you actually have an edge you will get limited everywhere way before reaching 40k. ...
How much is Apeks paid?
Not sure what you are on about they beat a T2.5 team meanwhile Chelz made kRYSTAL look like a god so at that point they should probably start thinking of ending the csgo ambitions..
How much is Apeks paid?
I guess u didnt watch ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Chelz Esports
Entropiq vs 777
2-0 is @24.0
FunPlus Phoenix vs G2
Where do you find map picks 30 min before start?
Fiend Smurfing
We'll see if they're still around in a year or so.. REDSTAR is legit fo sure but a few of the others im not so sure... Friends working as compilers/traders seem to be pretty sure they are cheating at ...
BLINK vs Apeks
Ez 4 Blink if Polly is playing
Fiend Smurfing
After the Endpoint game + all bookies removed Fiend afterwards I dont think they will be around much longer...