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Aye, no reason to violate the rules though.
Denying the obvious solves nothing either. Every team should respect the rules and act professional about it - otherwise it only hurts the community, and that's on all of us.
remaining three teams? SK NAVI AND FX ?
Winner of NaVi vs. FX is gonna play WMF and then move on to play SK in the final.
The best players from each country?
He's done great for years, yea :) He's not mTw's primary igl anymore though ;)
WEM is bad
But they will, if they loose the first map, they would get a second chance. Arguably not as big an advantage as 2xBO3 but it would still be there. Especially if you keep in mind that they would also j...
WEM is bad
Ah yea, you're right about that. But then again they would also just have to win one map and not a complete BO3 to seal the victory, so the advantage would still be there in some form and that must st...
WEM is bad
How so? I don't really follow you here, no offence of course.
WEM is bad
Why would a normal DE BO2 (2xBO1) not be fair to the winner of the upper bracket? I'm not sure i understand your point here. The upper bracket winner would of course just have to win one map and the ...
WEM is bad
Well, make it BO2 then, normal DE style.. A little thinking outside the box now and then doesn't hurt ;)
WEM is bad
The only bad thing about WEM is that the players are facing the wrong way. An incident like the one in the fnatic vs. EG match should never have been able to happen at any circumstances.
WEM is bad
Very good point there Nomad. I've mostly been against BO1 previously, but i like the fact that the teams are actually scared of which map they're going to play. It's a very big factor in a one map gam...
WEM is bad
The final wouldn't necessarily have to be BO2xBO3, that would be absurd. It could potentially still just be BO2 (or BO3 if they'd like to drop the upper-bracket advantage - with some thought there are...
forZe vs wizards
Postponed i guess. probably wild-carded.
Who gonna win the WEM 2009?
fnatic... or PG!