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Lmao i laughed even without the context. But when I got the context(viewed the pic) i laughed harder. Good one xD
Astralis changes?
Whatever, bubzjki has to leave. He hasnt impressed in a single game till now. Forget about being consistently good. He is consistently bad and had enough time to prove himself.
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
Astralis is gonna win this.. Right???
i guess ur rank
Was global for some period when I was playing with my friends. Now Im supreme :)
f0rest god
Or.. you can say that any t1 awper in nip would look like a t2-3 awper
f0rest god
Forest was part of an nip with washed up players during his final tier 1 days. Naturally he didnt win anything. I think adding him to NIP now will still be an upgrade and they will be a title contende...
f0rest god
He can easily replace anyone in NIP or any other top 10-20 team and maintain a very good level. However unlike other veterans who spoil their legacy by playing bad, he chose to step back and let young...
f0rest god
I agree that device's achievements are majorly because he was in a great team. But objectively speaking it doesnt matter how a person achieved what they achieved. At the end of the day we compare achi...
f0rest god
My bad didnt know you were baiting. Realised that after reading "team abuser" kkkkkk. If you arent baiting then flair checks out kkk
f0rest god
Cant argue with facts?
f0rest god
Yes he is at a higher status if you consider the career as a whole. However if you consider the current form he is below them.
f0rest god
My bad, device should be in the same league as them since he has been around for a long time too
f0rest god
For me forest and dupreeh are the GOATs. Unreal consistency. S1mple, zywoo and device will soon reach that status or even higher if they maintain their consistency
sh1ro top 2 2021 confirmed?
Device won many mvps and tournaments but still he was behind s1mple and zywoo. Rating matters and I dont think sh1ro will be top2
sh1ro top 2 2021 confirmed?
Sh1ro is similar to device, remember who was top 3 even though he had more mvps and tournament wins?