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Ok, i go gulag drink vodka
Project X vs Young Ninjas
I fucking despise project x, they threw so many matches at this point, I don't know how they sleep at night, must be especially cool for w0nderful to start his career with matchfixing
Project X vs Young Ninjas
9 rounds in a row to some tier 100000 shit team of "talents", that's why I hate cs
yes, but he argued with you saying that there's no internet there
Nexus vs Budapest Five
and ofc clowns are throwing on ct side
Cursed CS Pictures
ahahahhaahahah what the fuck ahahhaha
Sprout vs SSP
slaxz, I want to hug and kiss you 10000 times, you're insane, thx for -7.5
'Overpriced brands'
at the price of one branded item you can literally order 5 same items at any sewing studio and choose better materials for it XD
Nexus vs Winstrike
won over 23.5 anyway, but still butthurt af. I mean only in cs this shit can happen. I also bet on volleyball, and I don't know a name of a single player or a single team but I have higher win rate at...
Nexus vs Winstrike
words can't explain how much I fucking hate these players and this fucking game in which anything can happen and nothing is predictable
FaZe desgt3r
Branded clothes
You're saving to buy expenseve clothes that you wouldn't be able to afford normally to pretend before yourself and others to be a richier person than you are. That's all I think about it))
ZIGMA vs Bren
what the fuck?)) Pravda?)
ZIGMA vs Bren
not even mentioning that it can be fixed
ZIGMA vs Bren
nooo, they are good only on mirage) I wouldn't risk it betting on them on inferno